What To Do If You See a Dog Living Outside 24/7

Thanks to “Dogs Deserve Better” for a lot of this information!

Dogs don’t deserve to be left outside….on a chain….or in a pen.  
Absolutely no dog, regardless of breed or size, deserves to live its life on 
a chain or in a pen.  Dogs that are kept chained are more likely to have 
one of two things happen: 

1. Either the dog is neglected in some way…like lack of clean water, food,
vet care, proper shelter from the elements, and little to no contact, 

exercise, or affection, that causes the dog to become pitiful and lonely, 
sick, emaciated, or possibly die.

2. Because they are isolated on the chain and usually not socialized
properly, they become very aggressive and territorial with a lot of built 

up energy; they have no way to escape if they feel threatened.
Therefore, they bite, attack or kill anything or anyone that might come
near their small, chained world, or they break loose from the chain and 

bite or attack the first person (usually a child) or animal they see.

Dogs are pack animals; they just want to be with their pack. Their pack is their human family. If you won’t let your dog be inside with you where 
he/she truly wants to be, then at least give him a fenced backyard to 
have a little freedom, expend some energy, and protect innocent children.

If you keep your dog chained or penned, or know someone who does, Dogs Deserve Better can help you.
Please give the dog the life he/she deserves, while hopefully helping to protect children. 

So…what can you do??!!

Help to make it illegal to leave pets outside 24/7.  

You’ll find tons of info on this page:  

A simple way to help a dog that is forced to live outside is to send a letter to the owner.

Just get their address and send it anonymously.  You’ll find letters to the editor, letters for better legislation, letters to homes with outside dogs, etc….on this link.

If everyone would print just 1 letter, it would make such a big difference in so many lives!

A great video by Dogs Deserve Better.  

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  1. We don't have chained dogs in our Virginia neighborhood, just some outside dogs who look well fed and loved but I still feel sorry for them on our daily long dog walks. They never get out from their yards, they just have to live their whole life inside the fence.
    But. I am from Hungary and will visit my parents in Budapest soon. They are wonderful dog owners, but many of their neighbors keep their dogs outside (chained or not) all year around. And the winters are buutal there. I will translate this letter to Hungarian for them, I promise. Thanks for posting it.

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