An Easy Way To Make Money…Sell The Tick Key! Great for Fundraisers, Organizations, Retail, Gifts…and More!

The Tick Key—The Easiest Tick Removal Device on Earth!

I'm the Manufacturing Representative for The Tick Key.
I'm offering the best wholesale prices available, starting as low as $1.96/each.   They retail for about $5.99 – $8.99.
Selling Tick Keys is a great way to earn money for you or your organization.

The Tick Key is a small, anodized aluminum "key" used to remove 99.9% ticks.  The key is easy to use and quickly removes the entire tick—including the head.  The key comes on a card, complete with simple instructions.  The key can easily be carried on a keychain, dog collar, in a wallet, backpack, etc.  We offer 8, attractive colors.  It is often used on all types of pets, horses, campers, sportsmen, gardeners, children and anyone who goes outdoors.

We are able to personally engrave our customers' Tick Keys with their logo and/or their information (website, address, phone number, etc.)  The engraving only costs an additional 25 cents per key.  
No setup fee and no shipping charge!  
Since the Tick Key is Made in the USA—we can process an order very quickly and drop ship to wherever you wish. 
For more information, please contact:

Diane Burket


540. 351. 0457  (East Coast)





A Word About Lyme Disease.  It's Caused By Ticks……….

The latest statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) say that 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme Disease every year—
and this does not include all the animals that contract Lyme. 


– This is preventable –

In most cases, infected ticks must be attached to its host for 36 – 48 hours

to transmit the bacteria.

It is imperative to remove ticks immediately!

The Tick Key is the fastest, easiest way to remove ticks.





Ticks – Yikes! Gross! What to do….

by Diane Burket

I don't use chemicals on my pets.  Period.  Frontline, Advantix or other topicals—They are neurotoxins and can kill your pets.  Flea and tick collars = deadly neurotoxins.  Shampoos and sprays—NO!  I love my pets and will not knowingly put them in harm's way.

So….what's a loving pet owner to do??

Shampoo your pets with Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Oil Soap.  Great for your pets and great for your own body, too.   Smells great and fleas and ticks hate it.

See a tick??  Immediately remove it very easily with a Tick Key—A low-tech, inexpensive tool to always have on hand.
I keep one on the leash, on my keychain and give many as gifts.  
Be sure to use the alcohol swabs to clean the bite area.   
Ticks can cause Lyme Disease and in some cases, will kill your pet.

If you notice your pet has any of these symptoms after removing a tick—get him/her to the vet immediately!  Take the dead tick with you to the doctor for testing.

  • ​Loss of appetite
  • Joint pain
  • Lethargy
  • Fever

Treat the area around your home with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is totally organic and safe—and inexpensive! The reason it's "Food Grade" is that some farmers add Diatomaceous Earth to the animals' feed to kill parasites.   So the Food Grade is safe for your pets and your kids!
Purchase an inexpensive flea comb.

If you see your pet itch….grab your flea comb and use right away and see if there's a flea or tick there.
The flea comb is able to remove fleas easily.  Just be sure to kill them immediately 'cuz those little guys can jump very far.   Maybe even on YOU!
My pets love to be combed with a flea comb.  😉

Feel free to leave any comments, below.  I'd love to hear from you!