Prepare Your Pets For A Disaster

by Diane Burket

If you are prepared, you’ll be able to keep your pets with you if you have to evacuate.
If you have to evacuate—SO DO YOUR PETS!!  Left at home without a solid rescue plan, they probably won’t survive.

Based on where you’re living, you probably know what kind of disaster can hit your area—earthquakes, floods, mudslides, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.
Plan to be without any help from anybody for at least a week.
Adequate drinking water for 

you and your pets is a must…and at least 3+ days worth of canned or dry food.
Make sure your pets have identification tags.  If their ID tags get lost or removed, a microchip will help your pets find their way back to you.

If you have to evacuate, where will you go?  If you have to go to a hotel/motel, know in advance, if they will accept pets.  You might be there for a long time.
Check out these sites to find out what hotels/motels will accommodate your animals.

What if you can’t get home when a disaster hits?  Have you appointed someone that has your house key to rescue your pets?  Do you have a disaster kit ready to grab and run?
Do you have collapsible crates big enough for your pet to stand up and turn around—and can hold water and food bowls?  Your pet may need to live in that crate for days if you’re evacuated to a shelter.

Go to the ASPCA site and make sure you’re prepared.  Lots of crucial information there.
ASPCA Disaster Preparedness

Here’s a Disaster Evacuation Kit:
Click Here

Be sure to get your free Pet Safety Pack!
ASPCA Free Pet Safety Pack

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  1. It is a good list, and says I am not prepared, I don't have a crate for the 10 year old dog. But we always have enough water and food, check. Used to have a sign on the window about a dog inside. If there is a fire while we are away please rescue our puppy.

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