Flyer Templates for Lost & Found Pets

by Diane Burket

When your pet gets lost—time is of the essence!  Have a plan ready, in advance, so you can quickly get the word out and find your loved one.
Check out this post on my blog for the 5 things you should do ASAP.

Download these Lost Pet / Found Pet flyers now and keep them on your computer so you’re ready to fill in the blanks and get flyers distributed. These templates are in WORD format, so they’re easy to customize.  
Be sure to post these flyers within at least a 1 mile radius of where you last saw your pet.  If you expect rain, put the flyers in a plastic sleeve.
Please don’t put staples in trees.  Tape the flyers to posts and signs.

Good luck!

Found Cat or Dog Template

Found Cat or Dog Template 2

Missing / Lost Dog or Cat Template

Missing / Lost Dog or Cat Template – with tabs

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2 Responses

  1. Is it my sweet Tomi on the picture?

  2. Diane Burket says:

    Yes, Andrea. He's so adorable. I just had to use his picture. I wish I could meet him…but Budapest is pretty far away. 😉

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