Extra Help For Senior & Handicap Pets

by Diane Burket


Is it time to buy a ramp for your aging dog?  Does he or she have a hard time walking up steps or getting in or out of your vehicle?  Save your dog and your own back by purchasing a lightweight ramp.  There are so many from which to choose…and many different price ranges.  It’s best to buy a ramp before your pet needs it.  That way, you can train your pup before they get older.

I use this attractive decorative pet step (above) for my cats and small dog. The cats use it to get to a high window perch….the dog likes to walk up and look out the window.  With the carpeting, nobody slips and the cats can get a good grip. The carpeted stairs are a great solution for them…so both young and old can have access to the window perch.

Oak Foot Stool 

To help our older cats get onto our bed, we use a padded foot stool, like the one above.
An inexpensive, lightweight dog harness is also a great way to assist your dog.  SUV’s and pickup trucks can be too high to jump in and out of and can harm backs and joints.  Or your dog may have a condition that makes it difficult to climb stairs.  Perhaps they’ve just undergone surgery.  You could use a towel, but that can be hard on your back and often slips and twists.  A simple harness can do the trick.

Years of jumping can damage hips, joints and back, so provide a ramp or harness for your pets now.  There are so many solutions to keep your pet mobile and independent.  

Some pets are perfectly healthy, but have leg mobility problems.  Try a pet wheelchair.  Be sure to do your research and buy the perfect wheelchair for your type and size of dog. Read the reviews.

Check out these wonderful handicapped & senior pet rescue sites.
Please support them, if you can.  Thanks!






4 Replies to “Extra Help For Senior & Handicap Pets”

  1. We just bought a ramp for our 10 and a half year old BIG dog… She does not need it yet, but I thought it was time to start practice for her old age. What a success! She thinks it is her job to climb it. She gets a treat every time she uses it. I know hard times are coming. But my darling will be a proud ramp climber, not a failed jumper!
    The links are great.

  2. Andrea—I'm so happy that you're thinking ahead with your dog. She's a big girl and will not always be as agile as she is now. Either will we! So it's nice to have the option of using a ramp for her. It will save your back, too.

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