Do Your Pets Freak Out With Loud Noises and Fireworks? Or Perhaps You Have PTSD?

My dog shakes and cries when she hears fireworks or gunshots.

I’ve tried medication, herbs, Thundershirts, holding her, ignoring her, playing loud music, exercise—you name it.  Nothing has worked…….until now!

I stumbled upon a cure for her stress—Brainwave Audio Recording Music. That’s right.  I brought the dog into my office and turned on this music.  After listening to it for only a few minutes, my dog relaxed and fell asleep!

Here’s what they say about this amazing recording:
Enjoy a calming and cathartic boost – with 
Healing Relaxation, the profound brainwave audio recording from Brain Hacker! Healing Relaxation uses special audio sounds to influence your brainwave patterns, helping you to switch off and let your body heal itself during a forty minute session.This audio employs brainwave entrainment technology to sync your brainwaves up to particular frequencies. 

How to use: Just hit play and listen, anytime, anywhere, to begin to enjoy its intense healing properties.
It’s completely safe, non-invasive, and non-addictive. It won’t damage any of your brain cells either.

Now…I know it doesn’t say anything about calming and relaxing dogs—but it worked on my dog!  

Amazon has a free trial, so check it out.
Here’s the link:    Healing Relaxation Session: Relax and Repair, with Brainwave Audio

Please let me know what you think, OK?


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